What is Electrode

Electrode is a platform for building large scale Universal React web applications with a standardized structure that follows best practices and has modern technologies built in. Electrode focuses on performance, component reusability, and simple deployment to multiple cloud providers—so you can focus on what makes your app unique.

Core: Quick, Easy, and Scale

Electrode Core allows you to start building a large scale Universal React/Node.js application in minutes, with support for server side rendering, easy deployment, and scaling up to teams with hundred of developers.

The heart of the platform is the Electrode Archetype System, which allows for a standardized configuration, structure and workflow throughout the entire application. By enforcing a sensible structure and consistency for components, modules and the entire app, Electrode’s Archetype system helps you build scalable applications you can trust while ensuring streamlined development and deployment.

Electrode comes with two major archetypes to support large scale React web application development.

It only takes a few minutes to get your new Electrode application running and deployed to the cloud. See our Quick Guide to get started now.


Electrode Core

When building your React application with the Electrode Platform, you get an out-of-the-box app with defaults that make sense for the most typical use case, but if you need it, you have all of the following features ready to use with available options.

  • Everything you need to build a Universal React application with ES6 and JSX.

  • Prime support for building and sharing reusable React components.

  • Styling with CSS Module using PostCSS.

  • Writing and running Unit Test with Mocha, Karma, and PhantomJS or Chrome Headless

  • Highly optimized Server-Side Rendering for your React App

  • Build a Progressive Web App out of box

  • Ready to deploy to Heroku in production mode

  • Switch to use Inferno instead of React with a simple flag.

  • Hot Module Reload support while developing app or components.

  • Using images as module in your React code.

  • Internalization support.

  • Manage the application configuration base on NODE_ENV and customizable ENV you choose.

  • Stateless Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection.

  • NodeJS web servers using Hapi, Express, or Koa.

  • A HTML base visual reporter for webpack compile results.

Supporting Modules

In order to provide the features for an Electrode Application, we provide the following modules.

Standalone Modules: Optimize Where You Want

As part of the Electrode Platform, we have a number of modules to help with common tasks and features, from server-side render caching to flexible configuration management. These modules can be used independently of Electrode Core, which means you can integrate them into your existing apps.

Start using these modules in your existing application with our Standalone Modules Guide.

Tools: Power Up Your Existing Applications

The Electrode Platform also has tools that can be consumed by existing applications built with other platforms (with Electrode core, these tools are either bundled directly or require far less configuration). The powerful tools help you to:

Start using Electrode Explorer and Electrify in your existing applications.

Technologies Used and Supported