About Electrode Ignite

Electrode is a platform that involves many elements and environments. To ensure you have everything working together, an npm module called electrode-ignite is available with a CLI command that's the single entry point to help you start development with the Electrode platform.


Before proceeding, be sure to verify the Requirements for setting up your development environment.


You can use electrode-ignite with an interactive menu by running ignite, or you can run it with the command name directly.

To see a list of the commands available, run ignite --help

Ignite Menu

To see the interactive menu, run:

$ ignite

The Ignite Menu is shown below:

Electrode Ignite Menu

Single Ignite Task

Electrode Ignite can also be invoked with a single command by specifying the name.

For example, to check your NodeJS and npm version for Electrode development:

$ ignite check-nodejs

To generate a new Electrode React App:

$ ignite generate-app

To check the list of commands:

$ ignite --help

For example:

Electrode Ignite Help

Available Ignite Tasks

  • check-nodejs - Check your NodeJS and npm environment.

  • generate-app - Generate an Electrode application.

  • generate-component - Generate an Electrode component.

  • add-component - Add a component to your existing component repo.

  • docs - Electrode official documentation.

  • help - Show help on usage.

Let's get started with Electrode App and Electrode Component by using Electrode Ignite in the next few sections.