Unit Tests

Last updated 8 months ago

Electrode Application Archetype supports Karma and Jest as its javascript unit tests runners. It allows Karma and Jest unit tests to coexist, and will automatically detect and run both. App Archetype offers developers with different options for the productive testing environments.


App Archetype supports Karma as its Javascript test runner with the Mocha testing framework. It has two options for the headless website testing: Chrome and PhantomJS. Headless Chrome is the default option. You can specify the browser by setting the KARMA_BROWSER env to chrome or phantomjs.

Run your karma tests

To run your karma unit tests, simply place your tests in the test folder. And run npm run test.

Disabling Karma

If you prefer Jest only for writing your unit tests, then you can explicitly turn off Karma support and skip installing the dependencies required. To do that, create a file archetype/config/index.js, and add the following code to it:

module.exports = {
options: {
karma: false


The App Archetype also takes Jest as its delightful javascript testing option. It has a built-in Jest configuration, and you can also extend it from your app level. Jest parallelizes test runs across workers and runs slowest tests first to maximize performance.

Run your jest tests

To run your jest unit tests, simply place your tests in the __test__ folder, or name your test files with a .spec.js or .test.js extension along with your src folder. Whatever you prefer, Jest will find and run your tests.

Extend your jest config

The App Archetype also takes customized Jest config from your app level. To do that, create a file archetype/config/index.js, and put the contents below:

module.exports = {
jest: {
// specify your jest config here