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If you are interested in contributing, check out the list of open Issues and Features.

We encourage your contributions to the Electrode open source project! Make an impact! Help maintain Electrode and make it even greater.

Open Issues


  • 232 The boilerplate is not running in Production mode and the test fails.

  • 135 [HMR] The CSS files are not updated in hot mode.


The following is a list of features that you can contribute to.


  • 3 svg-inline-loader


  • 10 Config values in React

  • 8 Generate package.json

  • 6 Defered value

  • 358 L10N & multi-tenancy docs


  • 254 Forking archetypes

  • 244 upgrade react-hot-loader to version 3.x

  • 219 Can we have an Electrode + Parse Server(express.js) sample project with SSR

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