If you are interested in helping out, here are the list of open Issues on the Electrode repos below and a running list of Features

for contributors. Make an impact: Help to maintain Electrode and make it even greater.

Fix Issues


  • 232 Boilerplate not running in Production mode, test fails
  • 135 [HMR] css are not updated in hot mode

Help With Features


  • 3 svg-inline-loader


  • 10 Config values in React
  • 8 Generate package.json
  • 6 Defered value

  • 358 L10N & multi-tenancy docs


  • 254 Forking archetypes
  • 244 upgrade react-hot-loader to version 3.x
  • 219 Can we have an Electrode + Parse Server(express.js) sample project with SSR

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