Eslint Config

The app archetype provides eslint config files base on eslint-config-walmart. The RC files can be found in the directory config/eslint of the module electrode-archetype-react-app-dev.

Your application's code that serve different purposes will be linted by a specific eslint config:

  • .eslintrc-react for directories src/client and src/templates (React Code)
  • .eslintrc-react-test for test/client (React test code)
  • .eslintrc-node for directory src/server (NodeJS code)
  • .eslintrc-mocha-test for test/server and test/func (NodeJS test code)

To override the eslint config, add a .eslintrc file to the corresponding directory. You can also use other extensions such as .json, .yml, .yaml, and .js.

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