An Electrode Javascript bundle viewer aptly named Electrify, this is a stunning visual tool for analyzing the module tree of electrode-io + webpack project bundles. It's especially handy for catching large and/or duplicate modules which might be either bloating your bundle or slowing down the build process.


Electrify lives on npm, so if you haven't already, make sure you have node installed on your machine first.

Installing should then be as easy as:

$ sudo npm install -g electrode-electrify

Module: electrode-electrify

Install via npm

$ npm install --save electrode-electrify

Example Applications


Command-Line Interface

electrify [stats-bundle(s)...] {options}

  -h, --help    Displays these instructions.
  -O, --open    Opens viewer in a new browser window automatically
  -m, --mode    the default file scale mode to display: should be
                either "count" or "size". Default: size

When you install Electrify globally, electrify command-line tool is made available as the quickest means of checking out your bundle. As of electrode-electrify@v1.0.0, the tool takes any webpack-stats object example as input and spits out a standalone HTML page as output.

You can easily chain the stats file into another command, or use the --open flag to open Electrify in your browser automatically:

For example:

$ electrify build/stats.json --open


You can switch between multiple color palettes, most of which serve to highlight specific features of your bundle:

Structure Highlights

Highlightsnode_modulesdirectories as green andlibdirectories as orange. This makes it easier to scan for "kitchen sink" modules or modules with lots of dependencies.

File Types

Highlights each file type (e.g..js,.css, etc.) a different color. Helpful for tracking down code generated from a transform that's bloating your bundle more than expected.


Nothing particularly special about these palettes – colored for legibility and aesthetics respectively.

Other useful bundle/stats generators

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